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Beware of BanG Dream! It's MyGO!!!!! spoilers

I don't think it's an exaggeration to call the Bandori MyGO anime one of the best anime of all time. It's utterly emotion-filled, and every episode hits you with a gut punch. I'm sure there will be plenty of people writing in-depth reviews and analyses, so I'm going to focus on my personal observation: every character in this anime is a terrible self-centered person.

Anon – Anon's base motivation for everything she does is increasing her own clout and popularity, and while she does mellow out and start caring a bit more for her fellow bandmates, she never fully loses her gremlin tendencies.

Soyo – From the very beginning, you can tell something is not quite right with Soyo. She claims that everything she did for MyGO was solely for the purpose of trying to reform CRYCHIC (and I am inclined to believe her), and she crosses a number of lines trying to get in contact with Sakiko under the guise of wanting what was best for everyone when realistically she was the only one who actually wanted CRYCHIC to be reformed. Saki may not have had the full picture, but she also wasn't completely off-base: “you only ever think about yourself, don't you?”

Taki – Taki is a bit less black-and-white than all of the other characters. She clearly cares a lot about Tomori and legitimately wants what's best for her and the band. However, she herself admits that she tried to do what she thought was best for Tomori without actually considering Tomori's feelings.

Rana – Rana is Rana. I don't think she's physically capable of thinking or caring about anyone other than herself. Everything she does in the anime is for her own amusement or satisfaction, even if some of her actions do end up helping out the other members incidentally.

Sakiko – Whatever her reasoning for abruptly quitting CRYCHIC and breaking contact with its members, she handled it in the worst possible way and ended up hurting a lot of people in the aftermath.

Mutsumi – If Saki is the instigator of the drama in MyGO, Mutsumi is the one who dealt the fatal blow. Soyo observes that Mutsumi has no filter, so it's possible she didn't actually intend to hurt anyone with her words, but “I didn't mean to” isn't an acceptable excuse to hide behind.

Tomori – The only major character who isn't just straight up a terrible person. While you could argue that a few of her actions throughout the course of the show might have been a little selfish, at the end of the day her motivation is just to be a normal person, which is a wish that everyone is entitled to having. While when all is said and done she doesn't quite get that wish, at least she gets to have the company of people who are just as lost as she is.

At the end of the day, pretty much everyone in this show is a terrible person in some way, and the fact that it still manages to get you to care about and root for all of them is just another testament to how good of an anime it is.

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